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Fakten gegen Vorurteile

Asylbewerber sind zu teuer. Es kommen immer mehr. Und alle wollen zu uns! Solche Vorurteile sind in den deutschen Köpfen verankert. Das zeigen Studien, einseitige Presseartikel und Auftritte des Bundesinnenministers. Schluss damit: Jetzt kommen die Fakten.

Schoener Faktencheck ueber Asylsuchende, die damit verbundenen Kosten und wohin sie viel lieber wandern als nach Deutschland. (via)

Kindern erklaeren, warum eine von ihnen es schwerer haben wird

Dear kids,

One of you is a girl, one is a boy. That simple fact will lead people to make all sorts of wild assumptions about you: your likes and dislikes, your goals and abilities, your rights and responsibilities.


That might seem innocuous, even trivial. But it gets more serious. S, if you want to be a doctor rather than a nurse, a computer programmer rather than an HR consultant or a footballer rather than a netballer, you will find all sorts of people questioning you at every step of the way, putting up barriers, making things awkward.

Feminism (via)

In skandinavischen Laendern tun sich Pickup-Artists schwerer

Katie Baker notes that a prominent member of the pickup artist community has written a book about why Denmark is a bad place for pickup gurus to find women. Turns out that the Nordic country’s „excellent social welfare services“ also function as an effective douchebag repellant.

The pickup artist and socialised feminism (vergessen, via wem)

Der Unterschied zwischen „klassischer“ und „moderner“ Kleidung

If you aren’t interested in fast fashion, or have needs related to your body shape or size, or other requirements that aren’t met by retail fashion, you’ll often hear people suggest to “make your own” or “have it tailored”. Unfortunately, making your own clothing or having it custom made for you are expensive, time-consuming propositions, and outside most of our budgets.

I wanted to explore that a bit, and think how we can reduce the expense of home-made or tailored clothes. I’m afraid this is going to be a bit abstract, but I hope it will give people (especially those who aren’t familiar with clothing production) something to think about, and if I can manage it I’ll try and post some practical links and worked examples later.

Interessanter (middle)longread ueber den Unterschied zwischen moderner Baumwoll-, Kunstfaser- oder Zellulosefaserkleidung (samt Herstellungsprozess, Kosten und Verarbeitung) und klassischer Woll- und Leinenkleidung. Ich weiss jetzt, was Overlockmaschinen sind 😉 (via)

 Why Github is not your CV

So really, your GitHub profile displays two things: how ‘influential’ you are, and how easily you can be coerced into constantly working. It’s honestly about as relevant to a decent hiring decision as your Klout score.

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Namen und Schubladen

Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Wort „Affäre“, da ich es als abwertend empfinde. Es setzt die anderen Beteiligten einer Beziehung herab und verkennt die Realität sowie das Ideal von Beziehungen.

Die Affaere-Affaere


Search for images and only get the unsafe ones.

Einstellungsoptionen: “Not so filthy”, “Pretty filthy” und “Destroyer of Childhoods” (via)

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