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Installing the Brother QL-700 under GNU/Linux

Today, I tried to use this label printer on my machine, and I got kind of stuck.

This thread walked me through the necessary steps to install the drivers, but, alas – I could not get the printer to move. Recognizing the printer through system-config-printer didn’t quite work, and sending the data through CUPS wasn’t helping, either.

In the end, it’s apparently only two little steps that made all of it come together: Manually configuring the address to usb://Brother/QL-700. And, more importantly, and I nearly missed the tiny tidbit described here: Switching off the Editor Lite feature. Which means, pressing and holding the corresponding button until the light goes off.

Of course, if you were to read that information first instead of fiddling around and not getting your machine to auto-recognize the printer, you might even be able to see it right off the bat 😉

Addendum: gLabels had a few issues when changing to 62mm continuous labels. I found out I had to manually set the page size by issuing lpadmin -pBrother-QL-700 -o PageSize=62x100. Make sure to use the option -p{Whatever your printer is called on YOUR system}. Also, to convert DHL shipping labels with labelweb, I had to manually add another format longer than the standard 62×100 according to this helpful guide: brpapertoollpr_ql700 -P Brother-QL-700 -n 62x148-dhl-label -w 62 -h 148. Again, make sure to use the correct printer name for your system.