Minimum Wage

Sehr schoener Facebook-Beitrag:


Yes, I did unfriend you — why? You insulted the burger flippers and the counter clerks, as if your Big Mac, Coke, and fries, somehow makes you superior to the people who worked hard to make sure that your lunch was prepared in a clean environment and served to you promptly. If it weren’t for them, you’d have had to make your own fucking sandwich.

Guess what, the minimum wage is SUPPOSED to be a living wage. Anyone who works 40 hours a week should be able to provide a good home for themselves and their family.

You know what? You think being able to write a pivot table in Excel is so important? It isn’t. Not really. The human race survived for thousands of years without Excel. We built an industrial world without even electricity. And with electricity, we created global communications — without Excel. Excel is nice. It’s a useful tool — but it’s not the measure of intelligence or humanity.

You know what’s more important? Being able to grow a crop and bring it to market. Without that skill, we all starve. You know what else is important? Good plumbing. Without clean water, we die of cholera and typhus. You know what else is important? People in service industries — because they make it possible for you to have a clean room in the hotel, a meal served to you in a restaurant, a ride to the airport, and all the other thousands of little chores you take for granted.

They are not your flunkies, they are not your slaves, they are not your servants — they are your partners in a technological civilization, they make it possible for you to live inside your pampered white bubble, isolated from the daily chores of existence. That you — you flaming asshole — think you have the right to be abusive to any other human being for any reason at all — that reveals more about the failure of your parents to teach you social skills and your own lack of compassion for your fellow human beings than it says about anything else that falls out of your mouth as „opinion.“

Yes, I’m angry. Because I knew some of the men and women who were beaten in the thirties and forties by corporate goons so you could have a forty-hour work week, a weekend, access to public education, social security, and other benefits hard won by the labor movement.

The only thing you are required to say to that burger flipper or that counter clerk is simply, „Thanks!“ And mean it!

Telling them that you disapprove of their life choices is not an item on the McMenu. And if it were — you couldn’t afford it.

So, yeah — you’re an asshole and I defriended you.


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