Zufaellige Begegnungen

Today, I was humming the Mission Impossible theme song as I was walking through Target. Suddenly a guy walked by humming the James Bond theme song. We both paused and stared at one another, then he made a gun with his fingers and shot me. Touche, 007, touche. MLIA

Fmylife kennen ja mittlerweile alle, My Life is Average habe ich heute zum ersten Mal gesehen — musste aber gleich mal eine Stunde lang kichernd die best-ofs lesen. Zufaellige Begegnungen, herzerwaermende Geschichten — einfach der ganz normale Alltag. Und oft genug mit einem kleinen Twist. Leseempfehlung.

A few days ago at school, my boyfriend’s two little brothers tackled me and stole my shoes. Since they are both over 6 feet and I’m only 5′4, I recruited my english teacher to help, since he has one of them the period after us. By the time school was over, there were amazing stories going around about how my 71 year old english teacher tackled a freshman in his class, stole his shoes, then ran away laughing maniacally. I win this war. MLIA.

Habe ich schon “herzerwaermend” gesagt?

Today, my girlfriend and I went paintballing. I was worried she wouldn’t have a good time, but when I snuck up behind her, I heard her humming the song from Star Wars when the Tie Fighters attack. I didn’t have the heart to shoot her. MLIA

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